Episode 29 – Gnomes are People Too: The Etiquette Afterschool Special

On this episode, Kevin and Gav talk etiquette, how it relates to you and your interaction with others in the game. Gav then rants and raves about how things used to be BACK IN HIS DAY, DADGUMMIT, and then the guys have a heartfelt moment about gnomes not being footballs.  Until Gav calls them footballs.  And Elves “Knife Eared Fucks”.

The Chosen (Necromancer comic), via Blizzard
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Knights of the Frozen Throne announcement, via Hearthpwn
Midsummer Fire Festival information, via Hearthpwn
Doomfist animated backstory, via Blizzard

Episode 28 – Just the Package

This week, Kevin and Gav had to throw a topic together at the last second, because life happens, and shit hit the fan in so many ways.  They talked about, like, so much goddamned news and some other random junk that they had at hand.  Gav is also a super potty mouth on this episode, because it’s past his bedtime.

Suns out, Guns out event, via Blizzard
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Episode 27 – Secondary Professions and Why Lili is Diseased

This week, Chris, Kevin and Gav discuss secondary professions, a little bit of their history, why they’re useful, why you need to make a million pieces of Mulgore Spice Bread.  They also talk about how the fuck Nomi grew up, but Lili is still a little girl.  Like, what the fuck is going on with that?

Kil’jaeden Defeat Cinematic, via Youtube
WoW Class AMA, via Reddit
Necromancer Release Announcement, via Diablofans
Hearthstone upcoming pack/legendary changes, via Youtube
Twitch Prime bonuses for Blizzard Games, via Twitch
Twitch and Blizzard announce partnership for streaming tournaments, via The Verge
Blizzard releases new Blizzcon tickets, via Blizzard

Episode 26 – How to get it up for Tomb of Sargeras

On this Episode of Azeroth Coast to Coast, the guys have a crazy sitcom mix up.  No.  They don’t.  Gav and Kevin discuss the mechanical side of prepping for Tomb of Sargeras, with some wonderful commentary about hurtful words and cyberbullying at the end.

This very special episode was brought to you by noone.  BECAUSE WE AREN’T SELLOUTS MAN, FIGHT THE POWAH.

Holinka leaving WoW team, via Blizzardwatch
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Fatboss Tomb of Sargeras Preview Guide, via Youtube
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