Episode 26 – How to get it up for Tomb of Sargeras

On this Episode of Azeroth Coast to Coast, the guys have a crazy sitcom mix up.  No.  They don’t.  Gav and Kevin discuss the mechanical side of prepping for Tomb of Sargeras, with some wonderful commentary about hurtful words and cyberbullying at the end.

This very special episode was brought to you by noone.  BECAUSE WE AREN’T SELLOUTS MAN, FIGHT THE POWAH.

Holinka leaving WoW team, via Blizzardwatch
6/20 Hotfixes and Updates, via Blizzardwatch
Malthael’s Bargin, via Blizzard
Overwatch Open Division, via Blizzard
Blizzard Job Openings, via Blizzard
Fatboss Tomb of Sargeras Preview Guide, via Youtube
Tomb of Sargeras Raid Guide, via WoWHead
Tomb of Sargeras minimalist guide, via MMOChampion

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