Episode 27 – Secondary Professions and Why Lili is Diseased

This week, Chris, Kevin and Gav discuss secondary professions, a little bit of their history, why they’re useful, why you need to make a million pieces of Mulgore Spice Bread.  They also talk about how the fuck Nomi grew up, but Lili is still a little girl.  Like, what the fuck is going on with that?

Kil’jaeden Defeat Cinematic, via Youtube
WoW Class AMA, via Reddit
Necromancer Release Announcement, via Diablofans
Hearthstone upcoming pack/legendary changes, via Youtube
Twitch Prime bonuses for Blizzard Games, via Twitch
Twitch and Blizzard announce partnership for streaming tournaments, via The Verge
Blizzard releases new Blizzcon tickets, via Blizzard

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