Episode 29 – Gnomes are People Too: The Etiquette Afterschool Special

On this episode, Kevin and Gav talk etiquette, how it relates to you and your interaction with others in the game. Gav then rants and raves about how things used to be BACK IN HIS DAY, DADGUMMIT, and then the guys have a heartfelt moment about gnomes not being footballs.  Until Gav calls them footballs.  And Elves “Knife Eared Fucks”.

The Chosen (Necromancer comic), via Blizzard
WoW Esports page, via Blizzard
Knights of the Frozen Throne announcement, via Hearthpwn
Midsummer Fire Festival information, via Hearthpwn
Doomfist animated backstory, via Blizzard

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