Episode 20 – The Best of Legion, The Worst of Legion

On this week’s show, Kevin, Chris and Gavrill talk about the best and worst of the Legion Expansion. Detailed show notes can be found by visiting our website http://www.azerothctc.com!

Find us here:
Website: http://www.azerothctc.com
Email: AzerothCTC@gmail.com

The Show: https://twitter.com/AzerothCTC
Kevin: https://twitter.com/swingkat
Chris: https://twitter.com/Akari_Mag
Gavriil: https://twitter.com/Gavriil_ET

Wow server: Dalaran chat channel ACTC

Intro Music:
DOCTOR VOX – Hero: youtu.be/qNuC01Z3lrs


Full Description for website:

Links in this week’s show:

Southpark Lockness Monster:

Legion Pathfinder part 2 update:

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