Episode 144: Did someone say Weeaboo?

On this weeks show Gav, Chris and Neth talk this weeks gaming news!

Topics include:

TBC Classic Super Extended Down time for Pre-patch launch!

PvP Mark Recovery

TBC Classic double honor in Pre-patch

TBC Classic launch time

Shadowlands – 9.1 PTR Change to Great Vault

Korthia additions on PTR – PreachGaming video

Tazavesh: The Veiled Market – new mega-dungeon

First major patch in months, brings just new skins….

NYC, a new map for Overwatch 2, features a delightful Easter Egg dedicated to former Overwatch lead Jeff Kaplan

IGN Special Report: The Inside Story of Blizzard’s Departures and a Company at a Crossroads

New World trailer

4 CD Projekt Red lawsuits have been merged in one mega lawsuit

Skull & Bones delayed to at least 2022

League of Legends/TFT patch 11.10

New reveals for Back 4 Blood

Listen to the show:

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